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California Heritage

The PROSPR legacy began in 1991 in Los Angeles, California, when there was a growing need for a trustful and responsive date coding product identification service.

Same-Day Service

For over 30 years we have kept our promise of giving you same-day on-site or over-the-phone service.

A 30 year legacy

PROSPR is a family, a team, and a machine, dedicated to those who mark ambitiously.

Rudy, inspired by his family values, started a date coding service with a philosophy that each machine be built for the ambitious, the local manufacturer, and for the dedicated men and women passionate about keeping their production lines simple, robust, and operational.

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About Us

PROSPR is a family owned product identification company that supplies and services CIJ (continuous inkjet) and TIJ (thermal inkjet) date coding technology in California, USA.

Los Angeles, California, USA
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